Six Easy Ways to Open Doors
and Make Interviews Happen

Focusing on your resume with laser-like intensity
is a very smart career move.

Ask any recruiter: As many as 1,500 eager job seekers email their resumes whenever a new job is posted on the Internet.

And assuming that your resume breaks through all the new spam filters, a human reviewer will scan your resume for only 10-15 seconds and immediately decide to "pass or trash."

Those are lousy odds.

What's worse, personal career counselors and top outplacement firms like Drake Beam Morin and Right Management are busy spiffing up the resumes of your competitors.

Here's where I come in

Packaging yourself on paper is not a naturally acquired ability. It’s a learned skill like golf or tennis.

The HR, recruiting and resume gurus have already figured out every conceivable angle of resume writing. No need to reinvent the wheel.

So if you're not 100% sure how to write your own resume, don't flounder by yourself because you'll be blindsided by 1,500 competitors.

Let me put the "laws" of resume and cover-letter writing to work for you—especially the accomplishments-based PAR Process, which I know inside-out.

1. Core resume: Writing and coaching

This option practically guaranteees you'll pass the 10-second "trash test" and make the first cut.

We’ll do substantial rewriting and reformatting, and apply laser-like focus to the three critical elements of your resume.

2. Double Check!

Use this option when you want an expert editor (namely, me) to check your existing resume, but without making substantial changes to your content.

Smart move! Even smart people make errors. Everybody needs an editor!

I’ll check for any logical consistencies (especially regarding dates and titles). When necessary I'll suggest changes to spelling, grammar, text alignment. I'll also make sure your text styling and headings are all consistent.

3. Cover Letter: Don't forget the "secret" that opens doors

Most people send generic, run-of-the mill cover letters that get trashed because they don't include a “reason why.”

You'll boost your odds for an interview by sending a tailored cover letter that includes a simple “reason why” based on some quick research of the company and opportunity.

4. Your own Internet domain and Website

Nowadays it seems like every teenage kid has a Web site, but very few people over 30 have bothered to stake their claim in cyberspace.

No matter what your occupation, having your own Internet domain and Web site says "I might be older, but I'm technically hip and savvy. You'll amaze your friends and impress interviewers beyond words. I'll lead you through the process, step-by-step.

5. Other Services

Does your project require special creativity? Something over and above resume writing and campaign correspondence? Please contact me ASAP.

6. Free Consultation

Are we right for each other? Maybe, maybe not.

Just send me an email. Attach your current resume and we'll set up a 10- or 15-minute telephone conversation.