Core Resume Makeover
and Interview Preparation

If your resume fails to impress the reviewer
within 10-15 Seconds, it gets trashed.

That need not happen to you!

Ask anybody in HR: As many as 1,500 eager job seekers email their resumes whenever a new job is posted on the Internet.

And assuming that your resume breaks through all the new spam filters, a human reviewer will scan your resume for only 10-15 seconds and immediately decide to "pass or trash."

"For every position we advertise, we often receive thousands of resumes. It's impossible to find the right person among such a large group of qualified candidates,” said Kristen Buzun, an executive at Microsoft, quoted on The Ladders Web site.

A strong resume is your admission ticket to an interview, a better job, more money and, ultimately, a better life.

Fortunately, the way to win the resume game has been all figured out for you. The winning strategies have been tweaked, tested and proven many times over.

A top outplacement firm like Drake Beam Morin (DBM) charges thousands of dollars to coach clients in the fine art of job searching and resume writing (all paid for by the former employer).

The resume experts know what works. And if you keep reading, you'll learn all their open "secrets," which are laid bare on the pages of this Web site.

If you’re already being coached by an outplacement firm you don’t need my services—you’re in good hands.

But if you're like most people looking for a better job, you're fending for yourself and you might not know what to do next.

A template resume from Monster or CareerBuilder won't showcase you at your best. Your resme gets only one chance to make a great impression, so give it your best shot.

Here's where I come in

I apply the same proven methods and resume-writing formulas that the top outplacement firms are using.

Better yet—unlike a big outplacement firm—I can apply one-on-one coaching to keep you moving forward, motivated and doing the right things.

We'll focus on the three critical elements that make or break your resume. If any of these elements are missing, poorly done or in the wrong order, your resume will likely fail the 10-second "trash test":

(1) A targeted, keyword-oriented career summary that answers these questions: What have you been doing? For whom and for how long? Why have you been successful at it? What are your strengths?

(2) Accomplishment statements that answer the question Why should we believe that you can do what you say you can do? I'll use the proven PAR Process to draw out your work history and package it into accomplishment statements.

(3) Power-packed keywords and action verbs and succinct text—all written in a conversational style that keeps the hiring manager reading.

Assembling the first draft

Objective (optional): Mostly used when you’re angling for a significant career change

A summary of your experience that emphasizes critical strengths

Accomplishment statements (PAR Process) describing past successes that directly support your summary (and, optionally, your objective)




Resume sample

The Resume Sample Page shows a before-and-after resume makeover. Also check the PAR Examples Page.

Checklists and worksheets

To get started I need only three items: your current resume; your answers to a checklist of 19 key questions (mostly short and verbal); and some notes provided by you on the accomplishments worksheet.

I'll take it from there.

My 19-point checklist focuses your raw information like a laser beam, and I use several additional checklists to keep the process on track:

Finished product

Resume in MS-Word, PDF and ASCII-format.

Additional information

For additional details about the process, please see Frequently Asked Questions

After nailing down your core resume, you can create spinoff resumes by for specific job opportunities.

You can do this yourself by (1) tailoring your career summary so it exactly matches the job spec and (2) rearranging the order of your accomplishment bullets. If your spinoff needs substantial rewriting, I'm here to help.