Use the PAR Format to Showcase Your Accomplishments.

The top resume experts, recruiters and outplacement firms all agree that a winning resume must be “accomplishments based" and not merely a "job description."

The Problem — Action — Result format is a the "gold standard" for showcasing your accomplishments (also called "CAR format," Challenge — Action — Result).

When you apply the PAR format your resume automatically answers the interviewer’s hidden objection, namely, “Why should we believe that you can do what you say you can do?

Your resume--via PAR accomplishment statements--must strongly demonstrate that you can contribute to the employer's needs--usually by helping him make money or by helping him save money. Or both.

Anatomy of a well-written PAR-accomplishment

Examples of accomplishment statements

Please check the PAR-Accomplishment Examples page to see a detailed examples.

Don't be intimidated by the PAR format

I can draw the answers out of you, methodically and painlessly (more on that later). And, by the way, your resume will sound like you and I are writing and shaping it.