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Truth be told, the resume-writing process often burdens people with stress, uncertainty, doubt and confusion.

That might cause you to procrastinate, which only makes matters worse. But you must take action as soon as possible because your opportunity clock is ticking, and your resume is the key prerequisite for a job search or career change.

Working with a professional writer is like being coached by a golf pro or a personal trainer. You'll be led quickly through the resume maze, step-by-step with minimal hassle.

Making a relatively small investment in time and money now will really pay off for you in the long run. So strengthen your resume and make sure it represents you well—it's the power tool for your job search.

Can I help you get ahead in your career?
I sure hope so!

I tend to focus on working environments where I've had some direct, personal experience, for example:

To see if I'm a good fit for you particular requirements, please email your current resume and set up a FREE phone Consultation.

Special offer for active duty or recent military

Thank you for your service. I'm ex-military myself—sergeant, Army Signal Corps, long ago—so I understand firsthand the jarring upheaval during a military-to-civilian transition. Let me know how I can help.