Typical Questions for
The Resume Coach

Who works on my project?

I do all the work personally. In certain cases (for example, rush jobs) I'll call in an outside editor to double-check my own work.

Where are you located?

I'm based in New York City, but your location doesn't matter as long as we can connect by phone and email.

Any prerequisites before starting?

It really helps if you clearly know your career goal. If you cannot exactly articulate your goal, I can help.

But if you truly have no idea what you want to do—other than getting out of your current career—let me recommend an excellent career coach. Lots of people in their 40s and beyond are wrestling with this issue.

Why hire a resume writer in the first place?

Your resume can make or break critical career opportunities, so give it your best shot. Don’t hinge your career on a do-it-yourself book or a cookie-cutter template from Monster. You'll get best results by working one-on-one with the Resume Coach.

How do I know if my resume isn't working?

If your resume has not been opening doors for interviews, maybe you don't know what the employer expects to see in a resume in 2008.

Or maybe your resume is failing the 10-second "trash test" because you buried your best golden nuggets where nobody can see them.

Or maybe you're just not a skillful writer—maybe you're skilled in finance, illustration or some other area. For additional reasons see How the Resume Coach Opens Doors for Interviews.

Where can I see samples?

The Resume Sample Page shows a before-and-after resume makeover. Also check the PAR Examples Page.

What is the resume-makeover process?

Step 1. Initial consultation (free phone call)

Start by emailing your resume and we'll set up a 10-15 minute phone call (see Free Consultation). We'll discuss your requirements and decide the next step.

Step 2. Resume content development

During a short phone call we'll go over a pre-consultation worksheet of 19 questions (many can be answered verbally). This worksheet lays the groundwork for your resume (over time I've been tweaking these questions so they focus your background information like a laser beam).

I'll also send you a PAR worksheet, which helps jog your memory for career accomplishments. PAR is a one-on-one interactive process, the centerpiece of your resume development. You can't get this from a book. BTW many people say "I can't think of any accomplishments." If you get stuck, I'll jump-start you with an easy, memory-jogging checklist (20 simple questions).

Next we'll schedule a longer telephone consultation (roughly 60 minutes over one or two calls) during which go over your old resume, collect your most recent information, and develop your accomplishment statements.

Step 3. Resume editing

I'll write the first draft. After that we'll go back-and-forth, revising and re-revising. I’ll play devil's advocate—poking for holes and making sure your resume is ready for scrutiny by an interviewer. BTW here's another advantages of working with an outside writer--not only do you get a great resume, you get great preparation for the interview.

Ultimately, your resume will be written in your own voice. For additional details please see Resume Makeover.

Step 4. Finalization

After the final round of editing I'll produce a final version in three formats: MS Word, Adobe PDF and plain ASCII text.

Step 4. Next steps

Now that your resume is finished, we'll discuss what to do with it. The most obvious next step is to post it on the big job boards (Monster, Hotjobs and so on). But do you know the overall success rate for that strategy is only about 10%. We'll discuss some better options that didn't really exist five years ago, for example, networking your resume though via "informational interviews" on LinkedIn and similar sites.

How do we communicate and track revisions?

The best editing mode is usually Track Changes in MS Word. But FAX is OK if you'd prefer to edit and mark up directly on paper. We'll communicate by email, phone and FAX (optional).

How long does all this take?

I'll have a first draft ready within five working days of our in-depth phone discussion.

Rush jobs

Sometimes I do a rush turnaround (one to two days). But I strongly advise against it because rushing tends to cause errors.

I'll ask an outside editor to double-check my own draft before I send it to you. I won't rush a job without a double check from another editor. Likewise I'll ask you to double-check the draft with a knowledgeable person. Your best bet is to follow the deliberate, steady and thought-through process described in Resume Makeover.

The rush option carries a surcharge as high as 50% (actual amount depends on availability and cost of a backup editor).

How Much Does a New Resume Cost?

Please see the individual service pages for exact figures (Resume Makeover , Double Check! , Website Tonite and Cover Letter)

By the way: If my service helps open the door for an interview and gets you back to work just one day earlier, your new resume will have paid for itself!

Payment Options

Visa or Master card work best. By the way, the shopping cart and card processing server is ultra secure—no different from an online transaction with Amazon or a bank. A check is certainly OK (takes a little longer to get started).