How The Resume Coach Helps
Open Doors for Interviews

First, the good news. If you are well qualified and your resume has packaged you correctly, you'll be called in for an interview.

Sounds easy, right?

Unfortunately, every new posting on the Internet triggers a chaotic stampede of electronic job seekers. Even qualified people from top schools get trampled if they don't know how to package themselves on the small screen.

Your resume can make or break your critical career opportunities, so make sure it represents you well. Don’t hinge your career on a do-it-yourself book or a cookie-cutter template from Monster.

If your resume has not been opening doors for interviews, maybe you don't know what the employer expects to see in a resume. Or maybe your resume is failing the 10-second "trash test" because you buried your golden nuggets where nobody can see them. Or maybe you're just not a skillful writer—maybe you're skilled in finance, illustration or some other area.

How a resume writer can help you get interviews, land a better job and promote your career

Your chances of writing an acceptable resume by yourself are pretty good—assuming you write well, read the latest books on resumes and follow the advice given on this site.

But you'll get much better results if work with an outside writer. The interactive PAR process is the key—and you'll get your best results by working with a writing coach.

If you've ever been coached by a golf pro or a personal trainer, you already know that a small investment in coaching can yield great results. (To solve the resume riddle now and jump start your job search, consider Double Check! or Resume Makeover.)

Or consider that old adage, "it takes two to tango." You can learn some basic dance moves by watching a DVD, but the best results come by practicing one-on-one with an instructor.

A resume coach can really help you when you get down to the nitty-gritty of the PAR process and accomplishment statements. In fact that's the strongest reason I can think of why you should hire me as your resume writer and coach.

A resume coach helps you connect with hiring managers by showing you where to send your resume, and how to use new social-networking sites such as LinkedIn (more on that in a moment).

Three ways a coach strengthens your resume during the writing process

What a writer cannot do for you

Stick a fork in it, your resume is done! Now where do you send it?

Here's another way a professional can help you—especially if you're not familiar with "social networking" sites. After we polish off your resume, we'll collaborate on your next steps using LinkedIn.

Are you aware there are newer, better ways to distribute and promote your resume—and make sure that it gets delivered directly to a hiring manager? Have you ever heard of an "informational interview"? See Web 2.0 and the New Internet

How the PAR process prepares you for the interview

The ideal resume will get you to the interview, and then help you succeed during the interview.

During resume development I play the devil’s advocate. I'll look for holes in your story and challenge you on apparent weaknesses. Don’t get mad at me—it's excellent preparation for the interview. I’ll ask you questions and challenge you just like the hiring manager will challenge you.

"I can't believe that's me"

You've got a great story, and I'm a great storyteller.

So when you first see your new resume, you might think “this doesn’t sound like me—nobody will believe it.” Many people say something like that when they go through the PAR process for the first time (or when they get plastic surgery).

Actually, every word is scrupulously accurate, although you might be a little shocked by an outside writer's objective packaging of your personal history.

That's why this site is called Truths Well Told.

After a while you'll absorb the new reality and your self image will shift. Happens all the time.

Your competitors are getting help with their resumes—why not you?

Nowadays we've got coaches and tutors and self-improvement gurus for every niche you can imagine: Personal fitness, weight loss, relaxation, relationships, careers, pets—you name it. Needless to say, resume writing and coaching has become "mainstream" for people who are serious about getting ahead in their careers.

Many of your competitors in the job market are getting expert coaching from individual resume writers, outplacement firms and resume experts working in colleges, military-transition centers and state employment agencies. They're all getting a competitive advantage—so why not you?

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